Organizational Strategy Workshop

IT organizations are suffering from too many competing priorities and bottleneck resources. This results in low client satisfaction, over-worked staff and increased risk. Driving the staff harder or installing a new agile process will not solve the problems. Technology organizations are not all created equal. Each have their own unique context and challenges. We have designed a workshop that helps the leadership of technology organizations set a clear direction for the future and create a roadmap on how to get there.

High Level Approach

The three day highly interactive (no powerpoint) workshop begins prior the even its self starting with pre-workshop interviews & data gathering. 

For an in depth case study of my approach, please read the following published case study.


The key outcome of the workshop is a unified vision for the team and an honest look at the organizations current state. Attendees will leave three days later as a team with a single goal, knowledge of which projects to pursue and which projects to discontinue.  

In addition, workshop attendees will be provided with a documented output of the session.

  • Common vision & Goals

  • Visualized Constraints & Measures

  • List of projects to Start/Stop

  • Next steps



"Last June Zone 2 consulting provided our company and the board of directors with a 3-day strategic workshop. It has been a great opportunity to get away from the everyday pull and really focus on what matters long term. The facilitation, the tools and the discussion have given the board the necessary push to think out of the daily routine and soar high with their dreams and plans for the coming year. We are actually having a refresher end of the year because we believe it made such a huge difference in the dynamics of our team and on our thinking and perspective."

-Amr Shaker (CEO of EGMED Group)