Advice for those doing their first Ironman 70.3 (v.01)

This is based on my experience. Do you own due diligence: 

Things to keep in mind (in no particular order):

Bricks(bike and run) are important

  • Spend lots of time on the bike 

  • Do allot of low intensity volume

  • Do as much volume as your diary permit, but grow the volume gradually

  • never increase volume more that 1.17 

  • Learn proper swim technique. I used total immersion swimming. Many of those who swim fast hate this approach. This worked for me. I was scared of the water and this technique worked well for me

  • Schedule an Olympic distance ahead of the race so you can learn what works and what doesn't for you and to get over your fear of the open water

  • don’t focus on time during your first ironman. Just get through it and get a base-line for future ones

  • join a club if you can

  • get a bike fit. makes a bike difference

  • lose weight if you can. being light matters in triathlon

  • find a Yoda someone to guide you

  • if you can do the each disciplines individually, you can do finish the iron man

Things not to worry about:

All the miscellaneous stuff that benefits the elite triathlete: Compression, obsession with gear, obsession with nutrition.  These are things that will come later

  • the swim. its probably what i spent the most time on and what was the easiest part of the race. the wet suit will keep you safe

  • other athletes during race day. race your race

  • power meters, turbo trainers, polar, garmin, aero bars, hoka, vibrams. that stuff comes later