Jiro Dreams of Ultraman

In the enlightening documentary, "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" Jiro explains that his secret for becoming who he became was that he follows the same steps everyday and tries to get a little bit better everyday.  This is the approach i'm taking to Ultraman UK 2014.

The core of my training is a consecutive thee day training block every week where I do a long stead swim one day, followed by a long steady bike ride the next and a run on the third day

For each of these consecutively longer sessions, I follow the same script as the week before, wearing the same clothes, eating the same foods. I'm trying to improve just one thing for each discipline each week.

The training log


  • Lite breakfast. Just a handful of dates and water
  • What I wear: Nike, Underarmour shirt, Nike runner shorts. Asics Shoes, Compression socks
  • So far I have not been eating during the run (up to 150min). Need to change that. Perhaps adopt the MDS fueling strategy. Run 45 minutes walk 15 minutes and eat during the walk.


  • What I wear: 3/4 bib, underarmour cold weather gear, bike top, Giro helmet
  • What I eat before: Big smoothie for breakfast
  • What I eat during: Date, Banana, Cinnamon, Almond coconut milk (300 cals/hour)
  • What I heat after: 250ml innocent smootie
  • Fuel goes into the tri bottle holder water goes into fuselage
  • How often do I eat: every 15m


  • Goggles: Aqua Sphere Kayman
  • Fueling: SiS gel every 30min.
  • Fueling after: Coke if swimming in a lake

Zone 2 training...Going slower to go faster

Initial Brain Dump

  • First learned about it from reading rich rolls book
  • Blood lactate threshold test
  • My zones (put in picture here)
  • Done in Strictly Bikes by Mike Sherry
  • The idea is to build your diesel engine
  • (Put in Chris's email here)
  • Link to Rich Roll pod cast with Chris Hauth
  • Link to Ben Greenfield pod cast with Rich Roll
  • Mitocrondrial density
  • 80% of training should be done in Zone 2
  • Trains your aerobic system
  • Burns fat for energy very efficiently
  • Will most likely start with you doing what will feel like very very slow workouts
  • Most people train in their race pace(zone 3). This will result in marginal gains
  • Resist the urge to push your self.
  • I listen to audio books as a way to calm the urge to go fast
  • I have listened to many many audio books and podcasts
  • Pairs well with periodization
  • Some times you need to go slow to go fast
  • You get very lean doing this
  • Your body gets very efficient at burning fat for energy but also gets efficient at storing fat
  • This approach pairs very well with periodization.
  • You do your growing when you are resting, so after a block of 3 weeks of increasing volume decrease the volume to recovery.
  • Very very time consuming compared to others approaches
  • Results in less injury.
  • When running you should be able to speak to someone
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