Pilgrim Challenge in Pictures

The Pilgrim Challenge is a 2 day, 66 mile Ultra that follows the ancient North Downs way. 

The North Downs Way was once trodden by pilgrims heading for Canterbury and travelers bound for Dover and the Continent.

Finished the pilgrim challenge today. Random thoughts...

  • I quit before I even started. Wife forced me to go to the race.
  • Felt like I lost my mojo on the first day. Thought about quitting a lot
  • Prepared the night before. Obsessed over whether I should run with a pack or run with a cycling jersey
  • was very thirsty the first day. Didn't carry water and aid stations were every couple of hours
  • Stuffed dates worked really well on the second day
  • Didnt take in enough calories
  • learned about some cool races: Bhutan, Kalahari, Cambodia
  • Shoes were small, killed my toes. 4 toes fell off
  • Hoka's seem to be the new "thing"
  • day 2 was far better than day. Just focused on running from checkpoint to checkpoint
  • There are amazing people at these events. Lady that ran across the U.S.
  • What hurts: left Achilles, upper neck, left itb band, toes(hurt the most)