6 Things a Husband of a Homeschooler Should Never Do

  1. DON'T add to her stress 
    DO figure out ways to relieve her stress
  2. DON'T Compare your children with other children
    DO compare your child to their own abilities 
  3. DONT Ask her why the house is not clean or why the food is not cooked.
    DO cook/clean yourself or hire somebody to do those things
  4. DON'T sit in front of a screen when you come home because you've had a stressful day at work...You have no idea what stress is
    DO take over from her and let her have some decompression time
  5. DON'T ever question money she has spent for homeschooling stuff
    DO spend less money on your next toy instead
  6. DON'T be a wall flower when it comes to your kids' education
    DO figure out what part of their education you will own

Disclaimer: I know these DONT's well because I've done/do every single one.