Zone 2 training...Going slower to go faster

Initial Brain Dump

  • First learned about it from reading rich rolls book
  • Blood lactate threshold test
  • My zones (put in picture here)
  • Done in Strictly Bikes by Mike Sherry
  • The idea is to build your diesel engine
  • (Put in Chris's email here)
  • Link to Rich Roll pod cast with Chris Hauth
  • Link to Ben Greenfield pod cast with Rich Roll
  • Mitocrondrial density
  • 80% of training should be done in Zone 2
  • Trains your aerobic system
  • Burns fat for energy very efficiently
  • Will most likely start with you doing what will feel like very very slow workouts
  • Most people train in their race pace(zone 3). This will result in marginal gains
  • Resist the urge to push your self.
  • I listen to audio books as a way to calm the urge to go fast
  • I have listened to many many audio books and podcasts
  • Pairs well with periodization
  • Some times you need to go slow to go fast
  • You get very lean doing this
  • Your body gets very efficient at burning fat for energy but also gets efficient at storing fat
  • This approach pairs very well with periodization.
  • You do your growing when you are resting, so after a block of 3 weeks of increasing volume decrease the volume to recovery.
  • Very very time consuming compared to others approaches
  • Results in less injury.
  • When running you should be able to speak to someone
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