Partial solar eclipse & Many room changes


  • Class deck (Link)
  • Class mind map with guides (Link)
    Note: Requires XMIND 
  • Metrics (Link)
  • Printable Scrum Mindmap (Link)
  • Behavior Stories (Link)  

Articles I mentioned

  • Unfreezing an organization (Link)
  • How to form teams at scale (Link)
  • The taxonomy of A-Holes (Link)
  • Running an impact mapping session (Link)

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Books I mentioned


  • Become a faster reader using RSVP (e.g. Spreader)
  • Prepare your speaking voice via repeating: " I slit the sheet, the sheet is slit, on the slitted sheet I sit" (Video)
  • Mindmapping as a tool to retain and correlate information. (Video by Creator)
  • Pomodoro technique (Video)
  • Glucose Transporter type 4 (Link)

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