What is the difference between working in New York and London(v.02)

Disclaimer:  These are gross over simplifications. All based on my personal experience in a specific field. I have spent half my 15 year career working in NYC/NJ and the other in London.

"Lazy Husband" Fulham, London

"Lazy Husband" Fulham, London


  • Value trustworthiness above all.
    If you ask about someone, you will hear something like "He's a good guy"
  • Far more entrepreneurial spirit
  • Nicer but faker
  • People will violently agree if they don't agree then talk about you behind your back


  • Values cleverness above all else
  • Far more cynical. (Why is this person being so nice to me, what does he want?)
  • Think they are smarter and the US agree with that.
  • Debate is part of the culture
  • People in the U.K. fall into line more